Top 5 documentary

The top documentary would have to be Super Size Me and this documentary is about a person that eats McDonalds all the time .The way that this person lives for a month is crazy because the food that the man has been eating has been affecting his health.

The fourth documentary would have to be Undefeated about a football team in high school that has never won a game.The team is ready to make a change and practice a lot to try to win a game with team work.

The third documentary would have to be Citizenfour about about a person named Laura Poitras that gets a email from someone with information with government information.

The second documentary would have to be Life and death of a serial killer about a women that was convicted of killing 6 mean in Florida between 1989 and 1990.

The first documentary would have to be Blackfish about a captive killer whale that has taken the lives of several people and understanding the intelligence of mammals.

Friday the 13!!!!!DUN DUN DUN

The meaning of Friday the 13th is said to be considered a unlucky day.The number 13 has been said that it is unlucky way back from the Middle Ages.The reason its said to be unlucky is because Jesus Died on a Friday and there 13 guest at the last supper the night before his crucifixion.  Many people aren’t really positive about the right reason but people over think the day is very negative.There are many movies that are related to Friday the 13th like Friday the 13th,Friday the 13th part 2 and, Friday the 13th part 3 these movies take place in a summer camp woods setting that get brutality killed by a stalker. Some ideas for Friday the 13th parties would have to be having a halloween theme. I don’t know if i believe in the whole idea of it being a day with bad lucky because we shouldn’t be scared of the day because it could just be a coincidence that the person has bad luck.

Prescription Drug

The pro side of prescription ads are if you are having health issues to contact a health professional because of the fact that the ads are talking about the medical condition. Prevention Magazine reported that 29 million patients talked to their doctors about prescription medicine from ads that talk about there pain or issue.The con of the prescription ads are how the ads are misinforming the patients and don’t really pay attention to the information of the drug but the benefits. People are just using the prescription drugs as actual drugs and not for their health needs. The importance of prescriptions are that many people don’t know the things that are in the drugs and how they can affect someone. My opinion  on these drugs are helping people may be right and actually help people but some people can over use them and that’s when the drugs are just going to mess someone up. The doctor in pharmacy’s need to improve something through out the U.S. that people are abusing drugs that are given. This issue will just keep increasing over time The information of the website would be pretty accurate because it data from doctors that have made studies about the issue.

What were your thoughts before reading about prescription drugs? How do you think the U.S can solve this big issue of prescription drugs today and make an improvement? Did you ever think about how prescription drug ads are always on t.v’s trying to get your attention about your health issues?

Influential Black Women

  • Zendaya Coleman just at the age of 19 years old is called one of the most influential teens who has millions of followers online.
  • The person she has always looked up to when growing up was her older sister and  how the influence she’s gotten from her has made her a better person.
  • She is very proud that she is African American
  • She believes that it is important to be a role model to younger fans and that was gifted to her.
  • She thinks social media is a big way of her affecting her fans with some sort of tweet to help in a positive way.
  • She also stands against body-shaming and thinks that there is a unrealistic ideal of beauty and everyone should be self loving.
  • She has had some successful things happen to her such as her own shoe line and has become a covergirl to empower girls and women
  • Zendaya is not afraid of of fighting towards the racial stereotypes
  • She likes being a good example for younger girls so that they don’t  look at famous people who are bad examples in social media.
  • Overall she comes off as a influential teen because of the stuff she has accomplish in life only being a teen.

6 Reasons Zendaya is Actually the Most Influential Teen Star of Them All

Social Issue Research Topic

What is your social issue?

My social issue is about immigration and how if illegal immigrants should deserve a chance to live in the United States with background checks and paying taxes. Rather than other immigrants that have crimes on their background check and how those immigrants are setting a bad reputation for the hard working immigrants.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

This is such a social issue because of the fact that president trump has made a big out burst on immigration ever since he became president saying how all immigrants are bad and how he’s going to build a wall.People are against immigrants because of the way their president talks about immigrants saying they are rapes so more people now want immigrants out because they think that they bring negative things to the U.S.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?

My proposed solution would have to be for the government to give a opportunity to the very hard working immigrants to become citizens. I believe this is the best solution so that the good working and well rounded immigrants can live in the U.S. for a better life rather than criminals that don’t deserve it.
What are pros to your solution?

The pros of my solution would have to be that illegal immigrants that deserve it would have a chance to become citizen.
What are cons to your solution?

My cons of my solution would have to be how the president can go through with a law that can accomplish this and take advantage and deport more people than there are with very bad criminal backgrounds.

Super Bowl 2018 Commercial

The purpose of this commercial is to prove how every commercial is a Tide ad because of the fact that everyone clothes is bright and clean. The intended audience is the people watching the super bowl to prove how tide makes everyone clothes clean in the commercial. The design of the commercials include examples of other commercial and how their clothing is so clean and how it also can be a tide commercial.

The purpose of this commercial is to prove how even if you are born the right way such as with incomplete legs or arms that you can accomplish a lot and can be motivated. If you are determined and try your hardest even if don’t feel like you are capable of doing what your trying to do it more than enough from your part. The intended audience are for people that don’t know how people are so well motivated even though they aren’t complete. The stance of this commercial is to prove how they are proud of themselves for being so determined.


The purpose of this commercial was to entertain people while doing a commercial for Doritos Blaze vs. MTN Dew Ice with famous music and people. Which made this commercial really funny and entertaining to watch. The intended audience of this commercial was for the people watching the super bowl to show new snacks and to entertain with the lip singing involved in the commercial. The stance of the commercial is to make people laugh and feel happy but yet crave this snack and drink. 


In class we were assigned a fun task to use Play-Doh to make something that we liked doing or passionate about .The reason why i decided to created this cake with Play -Doh was because of the fact that i like to bake in general for fun.

When i first thought of a career when i was younger i always wanted to be a baker when i was older in the future as a career. I was always trying to bake things by myself with out any ones help and explained to my parents how i would like to be a baker as a career. They didn’t think it was a good career and thought i could do better and should get into something that interested me in health careers. Baking can be a hobby i could do on my free time. Other people in example like to play sports or do other things for fun and baking is just a thing i can be creative with. This might not be a word to describe me but it sure does explain something i enjoy doing admire. Other classmates in my class created a soccer ball because of the fact that they like to play and it’s something that describes them . Another classmate decided to create a dog because she loves her dogs a lot as if they were her own children .These classmates decided to make something they admire or love to do.This sure did make me feel creative about my choice to pick this .

Social issues in the US

Should there be a temporary ban on all immigration into the United States ?

A poll was taken which said that 27% agreed to a temporary ban on all immigrants. Another poll which had 73% disagrees that there should be temporary ban on all immigrants.The main reason why the votes disagree is because they think that there should be an increase in border security. But one of the main reasons why people agree that there should be a ban is because of the fact that they think there is a chance of potential terrorists . Also more of the immigration things were brought up when Donald Trump became president .When there were claims and videos of him being racist towards other races.Another reason why Americans don’t want immigrants would have to be because they think that they will take job opportunities from them.When people disagree with the bans they think that immigrants have a chance in the United States to live a better life or could have family in the United States and want to come. But there are many issue that can happen which can affect an immigrant in the United States . One of the first issues can be involving Education ,if a immigrant wants to go to college that will be very difficult because of the fact that they need papers to prove they are a citizen. Another of the Issues is trying to find a good job that pays good and needs no prove if you are a citizen so that an immigrant can’t be caught even though they aren’t doing anything bad but trying to work. Economic issue occur mainly in the beginning of when coming to the U.S and trying to get a home and buy food to be stable so there are many things for immigrants to worry about when trying to live a better life. That’s why there shouldn’t be a ban against immigrants that are trying to live a better life.




Positive Current News

  • Nine year old Jacob Thompson has been fighting stage four neuroblastoma.
  • He has been diagnosed at the age of 4
  • Ever since he has be diagnosed it has spread to his hip and head
  • The doctors have said how there is no treatment to help
  • He has one month left to live
  • So he has decided to have Christmas early and has asked for everyone around the world to send him a letters.